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Dec. 28th, 2011 02:51 pm
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This journal is part of a resolution to journal for myself again, and to be motivated with editing my writing or starting up and continuing new projects. I really want to find a healthy place for my brain to write in, a place I can be proud of without a need for approval. Something self-motivating, which is very difficult. This journal may be the record of a lot of self-doubt and creative depression, but occasionally I really hope to just be my positive self (because really, I am a positive person!).

I don't really like intro posts because I feel like I come off sounding pretentious every single time I write one, unless I'm just going all out and not giving a damn. I sort of want to be more reserved and calm on this journal. I want to really think things out, not necessarily get people to like me.

All of that probably doesn't make you want to get to know me, but I can assure you I do love people to talk to. I just have a hard time keeping up with people on levels that strike me as disingenuous. Fandom has hurt me before. I can feel fandom starting to pull me into self-destructive behaviors again, so I just need a fresh start for the good of my writing.

Here we go! ♥

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